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Insight into Southbohemian politics for foreigners

Southbohemians politics are long-time influenced by „godfather“ or „prince of Hluboká“ Pavel Dlouhý, unofficial leader of Southbohemian ODS, with strong influence to central politics too. He has also strong influence in Southbohemian ČSSD and KSČM too. When ODS lost for first time regional elections in 2008, it was necessary for him to keep „his“ party in government – distribution of huge European subsidies began in 2007 and years before he began placing his people in important positions to control this. To keep his influence he needed continuity in regional government. New young ambicious governor Jiří Zimola (ČSSD) was grateful for some „advices“ and support from important godfather. As the winner he could invite to goverment only KSČM or ODS, but in some anticommunist atmosphere he chose the conservative party. His vicegovernor became Martin Kuba (ODS), present minister of industry and trade.

Together they made some „business“ about European subsidies, road-building investment and some special deals with ČEZ too (ČEZ is sending „to South Bohemia“ about 110 mil. Kč every year for some special projects, under very secret contract, officially between South Bohemia and ČEZ, but de facto totally dependent on Zimola’s and Kuba’s decision, which projects will be supported). Third party with good connections to Dlouhý – totalitarian KSČM – was in opposition but gained important control functions with many benefits for their members). The real opposition in years 2008-2012 was only weak KDU-ČSL (4 representatives of 55).

At least from 2010 many people was very upset about corruption in ODS and with the central government (ODS+TOP09+VV/LIDEM) too. Protest voters mostly chose in 2012 regional elections opposition parties in central government (ČSSD and KSČM) but anti-corrupt parties gained in South Bohemia strong support too (together stronger than KSČM). In my interpretation there was strong calling for some change in South Bohemian government.

But Zimola did not want some change, he needed to continue in his business and he needed to cover past sins from 2008-2012. It wasn’t possible to continue with ODS (together they missed two representatives to 28 to continue), but with KSČM has ČSSD enough. So Zimola broke the longlasting tabu „don’t speak with communists“ and chose them as his partners, violating „Bohumínské usnesení“ (Bohumín resolution) of ČSSD from 1995, which is forbidding cooperation with KSČM in all levels of politics. And, of course, ODS gained in opposition control functions, despite she is not the strongest party in opposition (it’s unwritten tradition that strongest opposing party gains the control…). The „mafia trinity“ continues…

Of course, there is stronger Ostalgie and growing support for left-wing parties, but the decisions to make Southbohemian coalition of ČSSD+KSČM were not ideological, but very pragmatical, supported with strong personal motivation of Jiří Zimola. (And at last but not least,  regional South Bohemia elections cannot be simplified in the way, that South Bohemia is left-winged or „ostalgic“ region. Right-winged/conservative parties have here stronger and longer support than in other regions.)

But protests against this „red-orange“ brotherhood are really ideological. Because it’s really disgusting when totalitarian party, which destructed educational system and changed it to great propaganda of marxism-leninism, should control Department of Education. Protesters are saying, from the beginning, „we are not attacking results of elections“, but only that communist have no right to govern anything – especially Education. It’s not about politics, it’s about morality. It’s not about one person (Baborová), it’s about principles, about way of our politics, about future. Some people (at luck enough) are still saying „don’t speak with communists“. But another legitimaze them beacuse they need them.

Communists and Zimola blame protesters that they are attacking democracy: „It was free election“. Yes, it was. But people only gave KSČM some votes. They didn’t chose them for ruling directly. Only Jiří Zimola did it, breaking all written and unwritten rules of his party and in fact legitimaze communists as „normal party“. Despite they are not, they are still oldschool bolsheviks haters demokracy. (It’s very „funny“ if communists (!!!) are invoking democracy. But they are invoking anything helping them to gain more power).

Jiří Zimola ignored he had another opportunities how to build the new coaliton (how protesters emphasize).

He built only this one with communists, because of his private interests. Not because of the „voice of people“.


2012         511 voters      208 voted                   40,7% participation

2008         516 voters      199 voted                   38,6% participation

Southbohemian Assembly of Representatives has 55 places, so coalition needs at least 28. 







(of 55)










KSČM LEFT – totalitarian all-state, parliamentary 37187 32484 19,37 15.94 13 10 coalition control
ČSSD LEFT all-state, parliamentary 53736 68856 27,99 33.80 18 22 coalition coalition
ODS RIGHT all-state, parliamentary 24110 60349 12,56 29.63 8 19 control coalition
KDU-ČSL      MIDDLE all-state, non-parliamentary 12341 14170 6,43 6.95 4 4 opposition opposition
Jihočeši 2012 MIDDLE regional, non-parliamentary 27972 14,57 9 opposition
TOP 09 RIGHT all-state, parliamentary 9614 5,00 3 opposition


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