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Two authors blog (a WordPress Theme)

Here I publish a wordpress theme, which me and a friend of mine have been using in this blog. The theme is targeted at blogs which have exactly two authors. The idea on which the theme was built says that every visitor has to see that the blog is written by two authors immediately.

The Concept

The blog is meant to have two authors. The first author occupies the left side of the site, the second one the right side. This rule is broken when the reader goes through the site and opens (1) an article page (single.php) or (2) archive, which is presented only via categories‘ pages.

So, each author has his own sidebar (menu etc.), left (l_sidebar.php) or right (r_sidebar.php). The homepage (index.php) is divided into 2 same parts. There is a menu (list of Pages) in the sidebar. You choose what does the menu show by changing numbers of Pages in the source code.

An article page (single.php) changes its header according to which author wrote it. This is achieved thanks to condition based on categories. Each author has his own categories, and header page is chosen according to the number of the category to which the article belongs.

Header files are: header.php (for index page), header_mila.php (for the „left“ author), header_mira.php (for the „right“ author).

Headers change with wordpress Page too. Each author has his own Page template (the first/left author: page-ml.php, the second/right author: page-mr.php).

Footer (footer.php) is only one and link to the RSS is in it.


Download the Two Authors Blog theme files. And a pack of plugins which the theme uses.


When implementing the theme you will need to:

  • set up your categories and then use their numbers in thesingle.php template;
  • change numbers of pages in both menus in the sidebar files;
  • remake the header images.
  • change title meta tag (what to be shown on homepage, Page/Post titles are printed according to what title you choose when writing an article in WP administration)


The theme uses following plugins:

Articles and FeatureMe do the same thing in a slightly different way – they allow you to highlight some posts. Terong Related Link is used for adding links to related post (by hand). Texy manages formatting of the posts. Menus are based on Fold Page List. The rest is clear.

Known problems

  • the menu is not well done; when you are in any sub-page, the menu button is not coloured properly;
  • the sidebar files are badly coded.


Use the theme as you want. Just say your thanks by linking to my site (www.milamira­.cz).


Feel free to ask any question – place a comment here or write me an email. And sorry for my lame English.


autor Miroslav Kalous


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