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Insight into Southbohemian politics for foreigners

Southbohemians politics are long-time influenced by „godfather“ or „prince of Hluboká“ Pavel Dlouhý, unofficial leader of Southbohemian ODS, with strong influence to central politics too. He has also strong influence in Southbohemian ČSSD and KSČM too. When ODS lost for first time regional elections in 2008, it was necessary for him to keep „his“ party in government – distribution of huge European subsidies began in 2007 and years before he began placing his people in important positions to control this. To keep his influence he needed continuity in regional government. New young ambicious governor Jiří Zimola (ČSSD) was grateful for some „advices“ and support from important godfather. As the winner he could invite to goverment only KSČM or ODS, but in some anticommunist atmosphere he chose the conservative party. His vicegovernor became Martin Kuba (ODS), present minister of industry and trade.

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Two authors blog (a WordPress Theme)

Here I publish a wordpress theme, which me and a friend of mine have been using in this blog. The theme is targeted at blogs which have exactly two authors. The idea on which the theme was built says that every visitor has to see that the blog is written by two authors immediately.

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